Hi! I’m  Kirsten Crothers an anti-diet / anti-fad UK Registered Dietitian.

I am passionate about helping individuals make positive healthy changes to their lifestyle in order to achieve goals which are important to them.

 “Kirsten is very knowledgeable and very thorough in identifying the cause of the symptoms and was efficiently able to work with me in forming a plan to follow during the first consultation. From there, I had her support throughout via email to check my progress in between consultations. I now have a greater understanding of the foods that affect me and why. I’m feeling so much better as a result. It’s so wonderful to actually enjoy eating again!” (Emilia, 2016)

Examples of conditions which I can help through tailored nutrition and lifestyle advice;

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Obesity
  • Allergies and Intolerance’s

Click here for the full list of health problems that nutrition  can provide solutions for.

Often, health conditions relating to nutrition can be embarrassing and confusing to understand. They may even have dramatic affects on a person’s day to day life. Kirsten knows this and provides a non-judgemental environment – to work with the individual and find the correct food solution for them.

My Philosophy

  • Everyone deserves the ability to understand and control their own health
  • ‘Diets’ do not work – you should never feel like you are on one or else it won’t last very long
  • Fad diets are expensive, pointless and again do not work
  • Healthcare is very individual and needs to be tailored to the needs of the client
  • There is no need to be spending extra money on supplements or tests


“I can’t believe I’ve lost 11.9lbs in six weeks with the help of Kirsten…… And I actually eat normally and don’t feel like I am dieting…. Thank you for your wonderful advice!!
That’s even with a very busy, happy social life and many meals out” (Sue, 2016)


If you would like further information on the dietetic services available in Greater Manchester or would like to book an appointment please contact Kirsten today. Please note there are also Skype services available for those who are unable to come to Greater Manchester.


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